لقاء الدعوات في فلسطين “لوين رايح”

Under the title “Where are we going?”, the Seminary of the Lain Patriarchate of Jerusalem held a vocations awareness day on Friday, February 24, 2023. The initiative, which was prepared by Fr. Khaled Gammoh – director of vocations in the Patriarchal Diocese, was a continuation to the great work which he has done in our schools, parishes and pastoral activities, to bring about a greater awareness to priestly vocations amongst the youth. The activity drew a good number of priests from the parishes in Palestine and was supported by the good work and testimony of our seminarians. After a brief welcome and introduction by Father Khaled, the young men were divided into 6 groups where they were led in a contemplation about those who were called in the Bible. After playing a few games and discussing what it means to have a vocation, the young men attended the Sacrifice of Mass which was presided by His Excellency Bishop William Shomali, the Vicar-General of the Patriarchate. Bishop Shomali focused in his sermon on the act of “being called”, and how you will interact with that invitation. He spoke about two kinds of invitations; ones that are general like the call to Holiness and others that are specific like a Priestly Vocation or the vocation to married life. He also focused on the necessity of joy in your vocation and reminded us that God always calls a person to fulfillment and happiness. After mass, everyone was invited to lunch in the courtyard of the seminary.

The program followed with the personal testimony of Father Nadim Giacaman, who emphasized that discovering your vocation requires assistance, prayer and personal discernment. In the afternoon, an entertaining activity was held, in an atmosphere of competition and joy.

We also pray that God will send righteous workers to his field.

تَحتَ عنوان “لوين رايح؟”، أُقيمَ يوم الجمعة، الموافق 24 شباط 2023، لِقاء مِن أجلِ الدَّعوات في المعهد الإكليريكي – بيت جالا، والّذي نظمَّه المعهد الإكليريكي، بِهَدف مُساعدة وَتشجيع الشَّباب الَّذينَ يُفكّرون في الدَّعوة الكهنوتية وَيرغَبون في دُخول المعهَد خِلال السَّنواتِ القادِمة.

وَتضمَّن اللّقاء الَّذي أدارَهُ مسؤول الدَّعوات، الأب خالِد قمّوه، وَبِحُضور عَدَد مِنَ الكَهَنة والطُّلَّاب الإكليركيين، على: ترحيب وتعارُف، وجولة حول شخصيات الكتاب المقدس، وَقدّاس إلهي ترأَّسَهُ سيادة المطران وليم الشوملي، الَّذي ركَّز في عِظَته على فعل “دعا” كيف أنَّ الله يدعو الإنسان، وكيف يتفاعل المدعو معها. كما وركز على ضرورة إتسامِ المدعو بالفرح.

كما وَتَخلَّل البرنامِج خبرة كهنوتية قدمها الأب نديم جقمان، ركَّز فيها على أنَّ اكتشاف الدعوة بحاجة إلى صلاة وتمييز. وَفي فترة بعدِ الظُّهر، أُقيمَ نَشاط ترفيهي، سادَهُ جوًّا مِنَ التّنافُس والفَرَح، مِن تَنظيم بعض من الكهنة وطلاب المعهد .

نصلي من أجل أن يرسلَ اللّهُ عملةً صالحين إلى حقلهِ.

لمشاهدة صور اللقاء، اضغط هنا.